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27 Hour, 3 day detail on my NSX type R replica

Big congratulations on your wonderful work, your NSX looks like a beautiful sparkling diamond, the work was long and tiring but this car is more than just a car, it's an NSX!:smile:
27 hours - 3 days ? Geeeez, it took me that long to admire the pics !! :biggrin: Amazing work - beautiful car. WOW !!!
Very nice conversion and truly awesome results.

Did ya let him drive it ? hehe
Car looked good before. Looks great now! The detailer did amazing work.

Three days. I'm not sure I have that kind of attention span. :)
Lol yeah sorry for the bump :) was debating on what colour to paint my NSX, either Brining it back to Sebring silver, colour change to championship white or with this thread platinum white pearl :)