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3000 mile road trip to Texas

11 August 2011
Arlington, VA
My wife and I are taking the car out for its first long road trip next week (Sept 12-21) and I have a mixture of excitement and worry. It is going to be a little more rushed than I thought it might be as we have a lot of ground to cover:


I would love any recommendations for places to stay or things to do in the area as I have never been through this part of the country (which is why we are traveling there!). In particular, places that are "NSX friendly" are great, but any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Before anyone asks, I tried in vain to make a stopover at NSXPO work in to the travel plans but despite how close we will be it just was too much to add in to the trip with our limited time frame. The goal of the trip is to visit my wife's closest friend in Austin.

Thanks in advance!
Looks like it'll be a great trip! I followed the same route when coming back from the 2011 Nat'l Acura Legend Meet (NALM) in Morristown, New Jersey.


The scenery along Interstate 81 through western VA is gorgeous so be sure and take your camera. You might also check with Prime member "stevieray122854" because I believe when he purchased his NSX somewhere near VA he drove it back to Nashville via that same route.

One thing I'd recommend is taking an alternate route for the return trip. It'll make your vacation a lot more interesting when you're seeing new places. Something like this might work. Probably won't add that many add'l miles.

Rubys BBQ moist brisket and creamed corn world famous in atx
Rubys BBQ moist brisket and creamed corn world famous in atx

I'd recommend Salt Lick, J Mueller's BBQ, Franklin's BBQ over Rudy's. Rudy's is good chain bbq.
Road trip #1 = FAIL.

Work projects for both my wife and I are forcing us to cut short the time, so the car stays home and we hop on a plane instead. Much less fun, but also less stress.
Best time ever in my NSX was my first Road trip, shipped it to SOS and flew out and drove it back to Tampa, Florida. Just used Bing and my smartphone the whole way and had a heap of unplanned adventures that I will never forget. Random hotels and some Kerouac kept me entertained at night, and the open road and the desert during the day. Tons of fun!


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