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5-Speed Countershaft Reverse Gear Clocking

8 February 2019
Atlanta, GA
Me again... I'm putting my old reverse gear back onto my new NSX-R 4.23 countershaft and notice both the gear and shaft have oil holes at the same "height". Of course, the FSM doesn't show anything about these holes and I didn't take note of how the gear came off when I was pressing it.

How am I meant to clock the reverse gear onto the countershaft splines? Are the holes supposed to be lined up? 180 degrees apart? Does it matter? I could see arguments for all 3 but wondering if anyone has specialized info. My assumption is to line them up to get more oil flow to the needle bearing inside 1st gear.

My assumption is to line them up to get more oil flow to the needle bearing inside 1st gear.
Yes, try that.
I ran into the same problem but at different gear but don't remember what I finally did then.
Considering oil feeds from the center of the shaft, it seems like those holes should line up in order to get oil on the race side of the gear sleeve. I'll check mine when I disassemble it for cleaning and report back on this thread.
Thanks for the inputs. I ended up lining up the holes for assembly though the splines seem to offset them slightly. For some reason the manual never mentions removing 1st and reverse at all and the exploded diagrams have no details.

I do think that oil would still find its way up through the race side hole regardless of the clocking of the gear, but figured I would give it the easiest path since the needle bearing for 1st will see a lot of usage over the life of the trans. The only potential negative I can think of is that it might reduce how much oil gets to the rest of the shaft by making it too easy to escape from the lined up holes, but that's probably not even worth mentioning.