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545 HP Supercharged V8 Vantage


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11 August 2007
Modified Luxury & Exotics


Photos Jon DiFrancesco

Ali Afshar, founder of Easy Street Motorsports, had an ulterior motive when he invited MLE to his Aston Martin track day. Put on by ESX (Easy Street Motorsports) in partnership with Galpin Aston Martin and Aston Martin of Beverly Hills, Afshar had a secret project to unveil – his supercharged V8 Vantage.

Producing 545 hp, the supercharged Vantage is the latest product to come from this tuning and marketing company, which has had tremendous success over the years with many other brands – including its NHRA drag-racing championship winning Subaru racecars.

Afshar was eager to show us – as well as all the Aston Martin owners in attendance – just what his ESX Super Vantage could do. The car did make a track appearance and we scheduled a little time with it ourselves – so be sure to pick up the next issue of Modified Luxury & Exotics for a complete look at this British beast.

ESX has rated the car at a conservative 545 hp at 7200 rpm and 403 ft-lbs of torque at 6800 rpm. This should propel it to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds and 100 mph in 10.9 seconds. Top speed is 175 mph.

Afshar understands that while Vantage owners might want more power from their cars they aren’t likely to be interested in wild bodykits or other obvious modifications. For this reason he partnered with The Vantage Collection, which supplied a carbon fiber rear diffuser, mirrors and a few interior details.

For more on this car and plenty of other Aston Martin models be sure to pick up the Aston Martin themed January/February 2009 issue of MLE – on newsstands December 2.


That woudl be a blast. The older cars did not have enough HP to play with the big boys. I think it is up to 420HP now, which should be a lot more competitive with its peers. 545HP... wow!