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I would buy 200,000,000. powerball quickpicks.
Become a philanthropist. I could give people money and they would owe me big time. (G Costanza).

More than likely I would take the lump sum, listen to investment advice of friends and wind up living under a bridge within three years.
You could buy the next president? :smile:

You could buy every NSX in existence.....:cool:

You could probably buy every new NSX from Honda before they were even built?:eek:

Buy an Island and start your own country....:biggrin:
I am fortunate enough that I would just use it to not work and travel. I would pay off the house and give it away to someone who could use it more than I, then buy a reasonable house with a rediculous garage. then fill it :)
The adult mind tells me that I'd take the lump sum, pay off my student loans, donate some money to a prestigious univeristy and obtain an honorary doctorate, and invest the rest wisely :cool:

On the other hand, my young adult mind tells me to "Project X" a mansion :biggrin:
A lady just came to my office and gave me a single ticket she bought, she said she has bad luck, and asked if I won to give her half. Funny stuff.:biggrin:
I would need to buy or rent an airplane hanger for all the cars I would buy.....I would drive 30 different cars if I could afford it.....:cool:
I would then buy my way somehow into Jay Lenos world of cars....He is one of the coolest rich guys I have seen, that is into cars....of all kinds.:smile:
Just for giggles, how much money are yall spending on tickets? :smile:
I would buy this place in upstate NY and build my own private track on it. It already has its own airstrip.


Price reduced from $4.6 million down to a mere $750K. Bargain! :) Edit: looks like the airstrip and hangar are an additional $125K
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