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91 NSX Passenger side power window assembly

11 June 2012
Aurora, Ontario, Canada

After the meet in Woodbridge last Saturday, my passenger power window pulley assembly decided to explode in the door. I had to take apart the door panels and the assembly itself. The little plastic piece the retains both ends of the cable had shattered. I had to "re-engineer" it using zip-ties as well as try to recoil the horribly kinked steel cable. This was quite the mission. Anyways, it's working again - albeit a little noisier due to some particles that got in there during reassembly (it even seems to wind a little quicker than before).

I was wondering though... Does anyone know where I could get a good deal on a replacement or a lighter/better/cheaper aftermarket alternative?


Yes, I think that's what you need. Bravo on putting the parts back together and getting it to work.

Thanks and yep, that's exactly what broke.

Do they sell the whole entire assembly though? The pulleys themselves look worn and the cable has some major kinks in it preventing proper seating on the pulley gears.
Based on my long term ownership I'd suggest replace both cable holders and install two of Hugo's regulator kits.
I'd guess the cables can be reused if you tidy them up.
If you have an old set of pliers, grind slots in them (see pic) and the replacement cable holders will go in easily.
While you have the door panel's off I'd also suggest you replace the driver's side door pull with an aftermarket pull as this items fails with repeated use cycles too.


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actually look at the carrier more carefully. the tabs that hold the plactic block breaks off. upgrade to a newer motor that has the reinforcements and hugos upgrade kit. I can help you with this.
That sounds good, factorynsxtech. The zipties I put all around the cable heads to hold it onto the regulator seem to be holding up for now. I will absolutely replace the whole unit with a better one eventually.

A little higher priority though... I heard about you at the last meet in Woodbridge. I've been meaning to talk to you about the t-belt, water pump, and general maintenance things. I just got the car and I want to drive it hard guilt-free as well as have a healthy base to begin light mods.