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91 with 15,000 miles

Anything that is rubber will loose plasticisers and become brittle; ie; seals, gaskets, hoses, belts, etc.
Change the belts, hoses, and tires (if original), and watch for any leakage, and you should be o.k.
Snap Ring is a whole 'nother issue for '91's.
2Dobes said:
Snap Ring is a whole 'nother issue for '91's.
Roughly 80 percent of the '91s were not in the snap ring range. You have to examine the transmission ID number to be sure, but if the VIN is less than about MT002500, then it's extremely unlikely that the car is in snap ring range.
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meeks said:
I found a 91 with 15,000 miles. Any problems I should be aware of for a car with low miles?

How much are they asking? What color combo is it? I am curious to know.