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93 Berlina Repaint to 2018 NSX Nord Grey Metallic

A couple shots by the Jedi Master of motorsports photography Larry Chen (a full feature to come at completion of the project)

I would be extra stoked to shoot this next to my car if it was him doing it !!!!
Amazing transformation!!!!! The color is fantastic.

Not sure if mentioned but the “NSX Starter Pack” includes the 02+ rear valence. Minor detail but huge impact. Would have been the perfect time to have painted and perhaps have both to choose from.

I agree actually. It’s not too late. The car is still there... should I order a 02+ valence?
Alright guys... the moment we've all been waiting for. Paint and body (and oddly enough exhaust) is done! Time to shift attention to suspension, wheels and tires. The car is headed home now, and once I receive it, i'll go take some good photos of it.

Okay, any Nord Gray owners out there wanna contribute your thoughts on the color?

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I'd love to get my car repainted but I'd be more insanely paranoid

Yeah, it's a bit stressful. You hope that whoever works on it knows how to take it apart and put it back together without breaking anything. Luckily, mine came apart nicely and went back together better than it was before. I have no regrets. I love Berlina Black NSXs but I'm daring to be a bit different, yet still keeping the color in the NSX family. I won't miss the easy swirl marks and nearly impossible task of keeping the black paint clean.
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Some updates. 17/18" TSW Chrono wheels installed for the time being (not sure i love them yet). They're wrapped in Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tires (these tires seem like the bargain of the century!).

front: Rim: 17x8 +40, Tire: 205/40r17
rear: Rim: 18x9.5 +39 w/ 3mm spacer, Tire: 255/35r18





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OEM wheels look better on your ride.

Lol. Yeah, i need to take better photos of the car with good light. The wheels actually have a nice bronze tint on the face, but you cant tell in the photos. I just don't have the same "love them" feel i got with the ZE40s on the Clarion Builds car. Maybe they'll look better on the car when i drop it down a bit. The tires are damn good though! Never thought i'd say that about a Firestone tire, but color me impressed.
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Whats your reasoning about TSW? I don't agree or disagree, but i'm interested to hear why you think so.

Fine machine like NSX deserves a classier choice. OEM or period-correct set or set of nice, clean Volks. While may seem a bit played out it's the way to go in my opinion.

These TSWs make it look a bit disconnected from iconic shape and style of the NSX. More suitable for full blown tuner setups. The same thing when having S2000/RSX steering wheels on otherwise stock NSX. It's just wrong, doesn't flow. Again, personal opinion, whatever makes owner happy is cool.
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