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93 NSX $40k too much?

5 December 2001
San Antonio, TX - soon to be Boston
I found a NSX at the local high line car dealer here in San Antonio (Hovey Motorcars). It is a 1993, Red/Black w/ 34k miles. It has speedline rims (the angular 5 spoke, not my fav, but they are there). Looks very clean (as it should for 34k miles). I still think $40k is too much. Any guys w/ a general idea on fair market value?

40k is a fine price for that car,,,,,, hey, always try for lower but that is a reasonable price. My 91 that just turned 30k may be for sale soon if I can find a 98 yellow T. I wouldn't accept less than 38.5k which has already been offered a few times while it wasn't for sale...... Buy it and LOVE it!

Todd Arnold

sounds right. trade for 35k, dealer spends 400-1000 in recon., trying to make 4k. You'll get 'em down a G or so. Remember the seller actually got 37,100 for it with the tax savings.....so you're not out of whack around 39-40k....... Buy it and LOVE it!

Todd Arnold

40K is way too much. I would say 35 is more reasonalble. The NSX sure does have its price ranges, but there are a lot of 94's with the same amount of mileage for less. (most of them are green though

Most of the 95's are going for 45 now, so if you want the T-top.. might want to look there.

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I'd disagree with Todd. I believe a 1993 with low miles in stellar shape would be between $36-38k, possibly on the lower end in today's economy.

Really nice early cars were going for about $38-40k last year.

-- Chris


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I bought a 1992 NSX in San Antonio the last week of September. I paid $29.5k at the Porsche Center. The car has 40k miles and its in excellent condition.

The car you are mentioning reminds of a car I saw advertised on Traderonline.com. Check this link and tell us if it's the same auto.
http://www.autotrader.com/findacar/vdetail.jtmpl? car_id=74773784&dealer_id=&max_price=&start_year=1991&end_year=1997&address=78228&search_type=used&make=ACURA&model=NSX&min_price=&distance=25&advcd_on=n&advanced=n&car_year=1993&a c_afflt=none

It depends on the condition of the car. One year ago, I paid 35K for my 92 and it had 70K miles which is not low. However, the paint was almost flawless and the interior as well. The first thing people commented when I told them it's a 92 is that they thought it was brand new.

It also had mods that I knew I would want and nice wheels that I traded for my 3K Dymags. In addition, after having the motor checked out at NSX Modified, I was told it was in incredible shape, better than cars with half the miles.
That made my NSX a good buy for me. There are a lot of factors that matter in the price. When the time comes to sell for me someday, with the way I take care of my car, with the mods I will have done, and the fact that it was never touched during my ownership by ANYONE but by one of the top NSX techs in the country, I will be asking the higher end of what the 92s are going for at the time.
And the person who buys it will be getting a beautiful car in incredible shape that will run for 200K miles plus.

You really need to check it out for yourself and have it checked out by a pro. It may very well be worth the extra bucks for an early car that is near mint.

If that 93 in the link above has no issues, looks like a good price to me.

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Did you check NSXchange website? They have the following for sale

'93 with 34k for 36.5k
'94 with 38k for 40k(<-I think he was selling it for $39k now)

just for reference...
TOO MUCH MONEY! I'd stay just under NADA retail. Keep in mind no dealer pays much over $300 of wholesale value unless the vehicle is already sold, or he needs to drop the money into the trade to make a killing on the the sale. Either way it's a wash and he comes out on top regardless.

Typical highline dealers need to make about $3k a transaction to remain viable and they typically make as much as $5k. I've seen cars with as much as $10k difference between what the dealer had in it, and what they were asking. 91-93 NSXs are plentiful and have selling in the high 20s to mid 30s if you're willing to travel and get "the right one for you" you'll find it, be patient and you'll find the right car at the right price.