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95 NSX-T owner manual

5 April 2001
Fridley, MN
My 95 NSX-T is being shipped from CA...just bought it. Wonder any of you are willing to let me borrow (or buy) the user manual. I am thinking of making copy out of it, and return it back to you. I will cover the shipping and others.


Saw on ebay for 79.99...hmmm
You want the owners manual or the service manual?

If you want the owners manual that comes with the car, did he not keep it? :p

Did anyone else throw theirs away? I sure didn't... hehe

Thanx guys !

I think i am going to order it..unless, someone will again...let me borrow, and let me copy the book

Thanx again.

Originally posted by MatDj:
Saw on ebay for 79.99...hmmm

Let's see, you can buy a used one (mint!) on eBay for $79.99... or you can buy a brand new one from Helm for $40.00.
Heck, if you buy it from Helm, you can even get the leather cover along with it and still save $18 over that eBay price...