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A general Thank You to Prime

30 March 2009
In getting my NSX to a condition that will allow me unfettered joy in driving, polishing, and just plain owning, I have leaned heavily on the Parts for Sale section of Prime. From wheels and tires to mats and an engine cover, as well as a few other odds and ends, I have found our members to be a wonderful group with whom to deal. I know that there are the occasional sour deals and I know that can happen anywhere, but I am so proud to be a Prime member and a Prime buyer and seller.
Kudos to the founders, maintainers, and members for creating such a healthy and supportive "family." At every opportunity I recommend Prime to those who have an interest in the NSX, especially those that aspire to ownership. The depth of knowledge and understanding that our membership makes accessible is nothing short of amazing.
Now let's get out there and drive the wheels off our cars. Prime is NSX Pride!
Amen, Prime is dope! Holla @ fellow a Charter Platinum member. :biggrin: