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A message to certain NSX owners

21 June 2005
Up until 2 weeks ago the longest drive I took in my NSX was the 2008 Cal Coastal Drive through the mountains of Southern California. This event started in the morning and was done by the afternoon.
However, I had never taken my car on a real "road trip". I always worried about too many factors ; rock chips, door dings or theft from motel parking lots, car trouble in remote locations, etc.......
I finally decided to forget about these concerns and just go for it. I grabbed a girlfriend and we went all the way up California Highway 1 to Big Sur. On the first day we drove up to Cambria and checked into a seaside motel. We spent the rest of the day hiking before changing to go out to dinner. The next day, we headed North again and drove to Big Sur where we had a nice picnic overlooking the Pacific hundreds of feet below us. We then headed back home to L.A.
The NSX ran great the whole time, apart from getting blasted by the overnight motel sprinklers, there were no other parking safety issues, and I didn't notice any rock chip damage.
I am very happy that I decided to take the car out for an extended run. The snarl of the V-6 through the numerous turns was great to listen to as I drove through the Redwoods looking down at the blue ocean.
We all want to keep our cars nice, but don't be TOO scared of a little wear. If you are like I was in regards to being paranoid about damage, just realize that you will probably regret not ever taking it out for a long road trip. Go for it !!!


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Good story. The maiden voyage of my NSX was a drive from Tampa,FL to Sacramento,Ca. I did the drive over a span of two weeks and I must say it was the most comfortable ride I've ever had on any cross country trip I've done. I bought the car on April 4th with 59,3xx on the odometer and today it reads just over 66,000 :biggrin:
Thanks Mike for the reminder.

Yes guys, we should drive our cars, and enjoy those miles instead of preserving it for the next owner. Though, I got plenty of rock chips on my bumper so need to get it repainted sometime.

I have not driven my car for 2 weeks now and will be gone this weekend so I decide to take it to work today. I took my car to work despite the little shower, and that I work near construction site. It feels good again. :smile::smile:


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:thumbs up:

These cars were meant to enjoy! I made the mistake of barely driving my S2000 when I had it. bought it brand new and put 26k on it in 7 years. Not enough!

I am not making that mistake with the NSX!
I have had mine for six weeks and already put 2k miles on it. If I keep going like this...
No no no! Don't listen to these guys. :mad:

Don't drive your cars so there will be more pristine NSXs for me to pick up later!
We bought our 1st NSX in South Carolina, and took 2 days to drive the 800+ miles back to Michigan.

That started a great relationship, based on driving and appreciating what a great car the NSX truly is!

Yes, yes; drive it! That's what it was made for. It is a sports car, but happens to make a damn good Grand Touring Car also
This meant a lot to me. I've had my '93 on the road for three days now. I committed to driving it in to work today, but my garage-door tension spring was broken! Must be Friday the 13th. Hopefully it will be fixed by noon, and I'm going up to Amelia Island and down on A1A. Just me and Celeste...

Well put op, sometimes we all forget that our cars are meant to be driven. I have a little maintenance to do to mine ATM and have totally put off the little stuff I had to do. Thanks for reminding me to get off my butt.
Great story and a good reminder for us. I'm throwing caution to the wind and making the 550 mile drive to NSXPO this year: my first year as an owner and I could not be more excited that its this "close" to home. Hopefully I can walk away with some shots of my car that are as frame worthy as the two in Big Sur. Thanks for sharing!
Mike-san, when you "grab A girlfriend" is it hard to decide which one to grab? I think PHOEN$X has the same problem when its time to grab an NSX! These are problems I can live with. HA!
Big 2nd.

I bought mine to drive it. I am layering it up with Zaino, getting clear bra on the front and mirrors for extra protection, and then she is getting driven. Even had the roof off already.

Like Phoen$x said - you non-drivers please save me clean one, cause I might just wear this one out :smile:
Anyone who knows me knows that my NSXs have never been afraid of mileage. After over a decade with the '94 Grand Prix White, it went from a low mileage garage queen to having over 183,000 miles and climbing. I completely love this car.

Most miles in 1 day for me was about 1,200 miles. That was a long day at high speed.