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A NSXer passed away

29 March 2003
It is with great sadness that I bring this news. Some of you may remember Jerry Balcer from Hawaii. He probably deserves the award for attending an NSXPO from the longest distance with his car, shipping it from Honolulu to Laguna Seca! Unfortunately, on Sunday June 1st, Jerry lost his battle with heart disease and passed away from congestive heart failure. He was only 47.

As his sales consultant I helped him with three cars, but I can say that during the 11 years that I knew him, he lived and breathed NSXs. He would often send me e-mails with whatever NSX tidbits he uncovered. His time with the NSX was only a 3 year lease, but he loved every minute of the experience.

The highlight of his time with the car was NSXPO ’99. I assisted with getting his car shipped to the mainland for the event, and our GM arranged for another dealer on in Long Beach to pick up his car from the pier and get it prepped for Jerry’s arrival. He had a blast meeting other NSX owners, driving through scenic Southern California and of course getting his car on the track at Laguna Seca. I truly believe that this was one the best experiences he ever had.

The friendships he made continued after the event. He was instrumental in getting the local chapter of the NSXCA set up in Hawaii, and every time a fellow NSXer came to town, he would offer to meet up for dinner or drinks. Interestingly, his involvement got me into the sport of autocrossing. Through one connection or another, he was invited to a ‘test and tune’ day with our local SCCA chapter. I was invited and was hooked. Both my wife and I raced our S2000 for three more years!

I have always been a ‘car guy’ but Jerry helped me develop a greater appreciation for ‘car culture.’ If it weren’t for him, I doubt I would have started the local S2000 club or started planning car cruises and other events. Anyway, thanks for reading this note, Jerry was a ‘true believer’ in the NSX religion!

A link to Jerry’s car.
Very sorry to hear his passing even though I have not the pleasure of meeting Jerry. May he rest in peace.
RIP and condolences. :frown:
I vividly remember his beautiful Monte Carlo Blue NSX...

My sincere condolences...
Sorry to hear. RIP.
our sympathy to his family.
Very sad news. Thank you for the tribute- I never met Jerry, but I bet he was a really nice guy based on the impression he left with you.

Sounds like a good man, wish I had a chance to meet him. This truly is a great community....Kinda like my extended family in many ways.:wink:
Ah schucks.

From the pictures, it looks like he loved life and his NSX. He sure did live in the place to do that.

Saddened by the news even though I never met him.
Those were very nice words about your friend and ours. I'm sure his family and friends will miss him. Thanks for informing our community of our loss.
See you on the other side, bro. May the sounds of VTEC be eternal for you.
My condolences. Its always the worst when someone who really knows how to live dies. There are not enough people like that to go around.
Very sad news. Thank you for the tribute- I never met Jerry, but I bet he was a really nice guy based on the impression he left with you.



I'm sure he would appreciate your tribute. The pictures and story do show what a great guy he was. May he rest in piece...
I am sorry to read about this. :frown: He was living the dream...and to die at such a young age...tragic. My condolences to his family. Nice looking car too, I love blue..