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A NSXer passed away


The loss of anyone w/ whom we may have a connection, no matter what it may have been, is indeed sad. I wish peace/prayer/power to his family/friends/etc'...

I'm glad I was able to see his picture gallery many years ago and note the great joy and happiness that he seemed to have had! :cool:
I got to know Jerry at NSXPO '99 in Monterey (with his car) and at NSXPO 2001 in Wisconsin (without his car). He was a great guy and a great fan of the NSX. He will be missed.
Never had a chance to interact with him - may he rest in peace and condolences to his family and friends.
Thank you all for reading and posting here. Here in Honolulu, it is only myself and his step-daughter, he has no immediate family here. His bother lives in Chicago but is unable to fly and I have shared this post and your replies with him.

I am grateful for the internet and places like this because it truly extends our reach beyond geographical boundaries.
Only 47....
Makes me reflect on my own age of 48.
My sincere condolences...
My condolences. I've never met Jerry but have always seen his enthusiastic posts in the online NSX community. His posts were so lively and upbeat and I just loved reading his messages. I hoped to one day meet him... I was sad to hear of his death. I just found out today.

That was a beautiful tribute video. It brought me to tears... he will be missed. :(

its amazing - a stranger, half a world away and we had something in common that makes me feel for his passing.

Prime is amazing for uniting all of us and providing commonality to our existences. Thank you for reminding me.

My condolences. Its always the worst when someone who really knows how to live dies.

Very well said

Me 2 am sorry to hear about this, Never met him obviously, but sounds like a quality person, its very sad to hear things like this.
Just saw this post. I met Jerry at NSXPO99. Condolences to all his loved ones.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for posting, I love to hear from those that he met in Monterey. I set up a page on my site that has a photo of him in the corkscrew! There is also a short video I made for his family (who couldn't come to Hawaii). Please check it out if you have time, maybe leave a short note for his family there. - Aloha Colin