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Ring Ring, Ring Ring

Dtrigg said:
Right. Over the past four hours, I've telephoned you over 20 times. All I get is an answering machine.

Did it ever dawn upon you to leave me a voice mail message in this modern day of electronic technology? :rolleyes: I come in this morning and my red light on my phone was not illuminated. If it was on, this would indicate that a message is waiting for me. Claim all you want that you called my number twenty times; however, the absence of a voice mail from you proves nothing.

As I typed my invitation for you to call me last night, I was minutes from logging off for the evening at home. The number I gave out is my work number, which is where I am now. You see, there is a better chance of us talking - if it is even merited at this point - during the daytime during working hours. Why? Because you in California and I in Texas are two hours apart.

Dtrigg said:
Over the past four hours......

The time-stamp on my post inviting you to call me is 01:55 today.

The time stamp on your post where you said you've been calling my number for over four hours is 02:34 today.

Simple math says that time delta is only 39 minutes. How can you say in your post that you've been calling me for over four hours, when you posted back to this thread in less than one hour? :confused: Even if you add in two hours time difference between California and Texas, the math still does not add up.

Andy being skeptically humble here, anyone have a technical explanation for this? Or has my friend been drinking margaritas without me, because I can't follow his logic. :confused:
Wow... who would have guessed an ABC's thread would turn ugly. :( How did we ever get through kindergarden as kids???? :confused: :D

us at 3yrs old: <I>"A, B, C, Die I hate you ugly (*&$(!@*$&($"</I> *blood goes flying* :D

Now where were we? Ah....

<B><U>I</U></B>mmature thread. ;) :D :D :D
Last Post To This Thread By Me

Just for the record, my friend claims to have dialed my number over twenty times yesterday. :rolleyes:

I have had not ONE SINGLE phone call from him today. :frown:

Perhaps he is out of town, away from a phone. If not, I call him a liar on the "four hour" issue. :mad: