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or maybe

get a life
Mr.Wolf said:
"I" like your signature, Mr.Alittleboost. :D
Except this quote is wrong....
Alittleboost said:
"You two Follow me in my Acura"- Mr. wolf Pulp Fiction
Mr Wolf, can't you remember what you actually said? ... Your not getting senile are you...? :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Who the hell is this "Timpo"? Has no information about him in his profile, is not supporting this forum and posts one senseless thread after another? I suggest Lud to take further action - and: no, Neo, I don't want to keep this going.
NSX-Racer said:
and: no, Neo, I don't want to keep this going.

Awww.... no need to be a party-pooper. :( This was fun (while its lasted)... even The wolf and Troll Patrol were getting into it. :D

I don't think Timpo is a troll... he/she just needs a friendly warning and a quick lesson in forums etiquette. We've all made mistakes like this.
I was trying to delete my post but I couldnt

I didn't mean to post this thread, but there is no way I can delete it :frown:
No, I won't lighten up. My remark was not just because of this thread but also because of this and this and this .

I'm trying to keep up with the posts on this forum although I'm just in the first phase of my new GT 4 on Playstation but crap like that costs me too much time and credit points in the game. :wink:
Oh, just give it a rest.
Relax, folks. Only a few more letters to go!
Unfortunately I am unable to take a break. If I take a break and all the rest of you take a break this thread will never become complete.