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abs & tcs lights

3 June 2003
Plymouth, MA
Long story short went threw a bunch of crap this week with a garage replacing my o2 sensors. I got the car back with the abs light and tcs light on. They tell me I now have take it to an Acura dealer to reset the new codes that it is sending. On the way home I find out that now my climate control panel is dead. Then as the car gets warm it starts to run like crap again. The same as when I droped it off. I have been on the search all morning and read something on fuses. I ended up checking the ac fuse and it was dead. I replaced it started the car up and all the check lights are off. Could it be that easy? I have the car warming up now and will go take it for a spin. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I had the same symptoms this morning. ABS and TCS light were on, no climate control, and no power mirrors. Looking through the manual led me to check fuse #4 in the inside fuse panel. Upon inspection the fuse was not blown, but I took it out and reinserted it into the socket anyway. Started the car, lo and behold, everything was working again. Somehow the fuse got loose and wasn't completing the circuit. So far, it's my cheapest repair to date! :biggrin: Boy was I relieved.
I sent my car back out again because it was still running like crap. This time the coil paks were replaced. Drove the car home everthing was great. Took the car out for a spin gased it up put a whole 7 miles on it and parked it. Took the car out for a spin last weekend and now the EPS light is on with no power steering. I think the ECU is junk in these cars. I dont know about the so called reliable Ferrari. Nice having a car you have to pull the clock fuse after you drive it to keep resetting the computer. But it does look nice.
Waving the white flag
I have a red 96 nsx with 58,000 miles and I had to replace the o2 sensors and the EPS module within 500 miles of each. I was annoyed too. My car is fine now and I'm sticking with it.

So any update on your situation?