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Acura 45mm Hex Crankshaft Crank Damper Pulley Holding Wrench Socket Tool

27 December 2006
Where can I buy Acura 45mm Hex Crankshaft Crank Damper Pulley Holding Wrench Socket Tool? I only see 50mm selling on amazon. Is it 50mm for automatic transmission only? Mine is 6 speed manual transmission? I am planing to do a timing belt change next year.
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The A/T crank pulley does have a 50mm hex hole, which I believe is shared with most other Honda/Acura models. This is why the 50mm version is much more common.

I believe the M/T pulley has a 45mm hole as you say which is harder to find. Quick search shows the Performance Tool W80496 is a 45mm tool, but the 1/2" drive end is thin and might break before the crank bolt comes loose. That design seems to be the only readily available version besides the OEM one which is expensive, but another option.

I'd also highly recommend getting a 19mm weighted hex socket for the crank bolt removal, your impact gun will struggle with anything else. Otherwise you'll need a very long 1/2" or 3/4" drive breaker bar and all your body weight which might also break the pulley holder tool. Make sure you follow the factory torque procedure and oil the bolt before reinstallation, and consider replacing the crank pulley/harmonic balancer if old as well to preclude damper separation.
The use of a 1/2" drive for the extension on the W80496 is 'less' of an issue since the force at the attachment point on the tool is significantly reduced because of the lever arm associated with the tool. That said, a nice piece of pipe slips right the long extension where the breaker bar attaches. In a pinch we used the handle off of our floor jack. Its been said here before; but, absolutely do not try to use a 1/2" drive breaker bar for the crank bolt. You will twist the drive right off. If you don't have a big 3/4" impact wrench with a big air supply a 3/4" drive extension(s) and a 3/4" breaker bar with a pipe extension will get the job done.

Because you will need a pipe extension on the breaker bar for leverage you will need fairly long extensions on the socket to get the bar outside of the wheel well. It helps to support the extensions on a jack-stand so that the socket and extensions remain lined up squarely on the crank bolt. Having somebody keep the socket and drive in position while you crank on the extension can help.

Finally, make sure you have a torque wrench with the capacity to tighten the crank bolt.
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I suspect the Alltrade 648818 / Powerbuilt / Performance Tool crank pulley holding tool originates from the same source branded for different sellers. The Performance Tool version is still available. You just have to know what name to use.

Performance Tool W80496 Crank Pulley Holding Tool: Amazon.ca: Tools & Home Improvement

I see that somebody has managed to fracture the tool when using a 1/2" breaker bar for holding. Using a piece of pipe on the extension should eliminate the risk of that happening. Ralph C's home made tool linked by drew would preclude that problem.
I went through this last week.
Lucky I was able to borrow it from a local service shop. Thankful they were willing to help me out.

Need to source one for my tool box as well.