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Adapter for Alpine CD changer....help

26 September 2000
I have an Alpine AI-Net CD changer and I was wondering if it'll work in the NSX. I know the connectors are different, but do they make an adapter that goes from AI-Net to 8-pin(factory plug)?

I think I read in the FAQ that they make an adapter for it, but I'm not sure.

If they do, and you know where to get it, can I send someone a money order to buy/ship the adapter to me?

No shop here has it! Some claim they don't make it, while others say they do.

If they don't make an adapter then I guess I'll have to buy another changer!

Any help is appreciated.

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You need a changer that can run in M-Bus mode. Some AI-Net components are dual-mode; that is what you need. Once you are set to M-Bus mode, there is an adapter cable you need to go from the AI-Net interface to the M-Bus interace. Additionally, you need a cable to convert from the standard Alpine M-Bus DIN pinout to the Acura DIN pinout so the sound won't be out of phase.

If you have a changer that can be set to M-Bus mode you can mail order the two cables from pretty much any audio place that handles Alpine equipment.
Thanks for the help Lud.

My changer does have the dual M-bus/AI-Net mode that you mentioned. I already have the Alpine-to-Honda din plug as well. All I'm missing now is the AI-Net to M-Bus plug.
I'm out of town until Friday, but if you can't find someone to sell you one by then let me know and I'll try to find one locally and mail it to you.