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Add GPS Navigation to clock spot, + outdoor temp, back-up camera, traffic, radar

Hi Wild Turkey and NSX forum members,

I found a guy named Tim on Etsy who makes these mounts and works right out of the box/plug and play (power supply works perfectly)! He was even nice enough to fabricate a bracket for the Garmin Drivesmart 86 for me.

I also ordered his Magsafe product, as well, for times when I want to use CarPlay/Waze with my iphone, instead of the Garmin.

Here is the link to Tim's Etsy site, highly recommended:


Just want to clarify that this Tim from CA on ETSY is a different Tim than me. He appears to be in Tim from CAlifornia. I'm Tim from CAnada. He's making 3D printed stuff for folks. I'm mostly just making designs for myself & posting them for other NSX Primers to make themselves, although I've made a few sets of the LED headlight bulb extended caps for a few who didn't have their own printer.