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Advan modell 7 on NSX!!!!! pix!

27 February 2004
AUSTRIA (Europe)
A costumer of mine wanted the Advan modell 7 in 7.5x17 and 9x18. I got them within 10 days from www.takakaira.com. I was told they are not sure if the 7.5x17 offset 45mm will clear the front calipers. I was okay with it, since I can use spacers. Well, the 7.5x17 offset 45mm clear the caliper about 3mm, so we are fine w/o any spacer.

I like the color (dark silver) and the design is realy cool too. I did not weight the rim yet, but I guess the 17incher has a bit under 7 Kilo (15,5 lbs). I will weight it tomorrow.

I tested the front rim on my NSX to make sure it will fit w/o spacers.




hehe....I like the double wishbone system :)


Looks like they changed the design of this wheel, though kept the same name.

Anyway, i love the wheel, had to get it myself straight from japan, since you can't get advan wheels in europe.
Think i have 8j in front and 10j in rear (17/18).

Have fun
austrian type-R said:
I got it with BAX Globa. 5 days shipping. 250 euro

Nice! Personally I prefer the Model 5s. 250Euro shipping is pretty cheap. Did you have to pay any customs & excise duties?
Re: What’s different?

Ojas said:
What’s different in the design? The lip?

Yeah, seems the angle the most inner lip makes is a bit more edgy, but then, it can be the pic/flash, or i just don't remember my own wheels very well.

Nobody said anything about the "rebadged" shocks! Those are bilstiens. You can even see where the old sticker was removed. tsk tsk tsk

That deserves 1 rice cop ticket.
Please note that the pics in the original posts are actually T7's not model 7's
The T7 replaced the model 7 about a year ago (although for the life of me I can't see any difference other than the "T" in the logo)

I have a pair of brand new model 7's I can let go really cheap for anyone interested in combining these with a pair or T7's - pics details on request, pm me. I honestly don't think you'll see the difference, especially with the staggered size from front to rear anyway.