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advantages of having coilovers?


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11 March 2000
Cerritos, CA
What are the advantages of having coilovers besides the adjustable height? Can it adjust the negative camber created by using springs such as H&R? or do I need to get adjustable camer plates?

Apart from the advantages of adjustable height there is the advantage of being able to use two different spring rates that, if necessary, could be radically different. I am no suspension guru and could think of no reason to have such a spring setup but the option is there.

Another advantage is if you want to change your spring rate in any one corner or side of your car you can do so much easier with a coilover kit. Most spring makers don't sell front/rear spring sets whereas you can have eibach wind some spings to your specs.

You cannot adjust camber via the spring directly. Obviuosly if you lower the car more your will have more negative camber which you may not be able to dial out if you go too low.