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AEM F/IC and DashDaq Complete Gauge Kit w/custom gauge pod

8 October 2001
St. Louis, MO
I have for sale my used custom engine management and gauge setup for the NSX. The system is complete with everything except injectors (I have a set of RC550 injectors and injector adapters for a 97+ NSX for sale as well).

Engine Management:
AEM F/IC - The system uses an AEM F/IC for fuel and ignition control as a piggy back to the OEM ECU. In a vehicle that uses OBDII, the OBDII is left intact and fully functional.
Boomslang Plug-n-play Harness for the F/IC - installs without any modification of the OEM wire harness.

Gauge Setup:
DashDaq XL - LCD digital display with OBDII scanner and GPS Navigation
Dual Zeitronix ZT-2 Wideband Meter and Datalogging - Allows for both banks to monitor AFR
Zeitronics MAP Sensor - Boost Sensor, includes vac lines and vac manifold for boost refferance
Zeitronics Pressure Sensor - Configured for Fuel Pressure, includes Banjo bolt for connection to fuel system
Custom Wiring Harness - complete wire harness with all needed connections and termination needed to install entire system
Custom Gauge Pod - Fiberglass composite structure covered in leather, houses the GPS Receiver for Navigation, magnetic mounting system to hold DashDaq and finish trim cover, installs in factory clock location with no modification to the dash needed.

I have made a short video on YouTube about 6 years ago when I built the system to show the gauge in action and a better look at the gauge pod design. I have tons of pictures and can send detailed photos of the pod and wire harneses, send me a PM with your email and I will send the pics.

Other info about the DashDaq XL:

Price of complete system including AEM F/IC, Boomslang wire harness, Custom gauge wire harness, DashDaq w/ dashpod, wideband sensors, ZT-2 wideband dataloggers, fuel sensor, MAP sensor is $1500.00
Available for sale - RC Engineering - RC550 Injectors for 1997+ NSX w/plug adapters $425.00


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