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Aftermarket NSX stereo install - Check this out!

17 December 2001
Portland, Or

Go to services/mobile audio and click on the NSX. I LOVE the tweeter install/door panel mod to fit the large dome tweeter.

The sub is ported in through the front firewall. It sounds great!

I built the website for the installer! More than I would ever want in my car. The owner does not want his name mentioned for obvious reasons.

Just a side note, this car has a CT SC installed to make up for the added weight of the stereo.

Another side note - The owner is elderly, and only drives automatics... Poor tranny!

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The site looks good! I amnot so sure I would let anyone do that to my NSX, Sorry.

My fear is that the value of the car is reduced by more than $5000.00 over a comparable stock car. Then factor in the cost of the install, and the added SC to make up for the added weight and you are driving a $45000.00 1992 NSX that is worth less than $25000.00 on the street. To each his own!

I'm wondering why the value would be reduced?

I know certain things can reduce the value, such as custom convert. conversions, repaints, etc. However, from the pics it looks like a clean, expensive stereo system install. Unless one is looking for a bone stock car, I don't see what is so undesirable about it.

I have a custom system installed in my NSX as well. The only difference from stock in appearance is my head unit, which is an expensive Alpine LCD and equalizer. The rest are better speakers in the door and an amp in the trunk. When I bought the car I saw it as a bonus. I may have an extra 5lbs from the LCD plus the weight of the amp. However, I have a system that sounds much better than stock.

Is it the cutting in the doors that would devalue? I am just interested as I always saw a nice, custom system as something that would increase value for most. Usually you don't get any money back when you sell, but I never thought of it as decrease.

I especially liked the head unit, which retained the stock piece and placed the rest below in place of the cigarette tray.

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I don't think this particular stereo installation would reduce the market value of the car, but I don't think it would add anything either. I also don't think the supercharger adds much if anything to the value of a car with an automatic transmission with no supercharger, which is generally several thousand less than a comparable five-speed.

Thus the aftermarket modifications on this car probably did cost $15K and have no effect on its market value, which is probably $25-30K depending on mileage and condition.
Do you really think the gentleman who had this done to his car cares what the resale value of his car is? If he is anything like me, he did this as a personal preference and plans to get buried in his NSX. So in reality the value of his car has gone up because now the car also doubles as a tombstone. Now how many of you would like to have a $89K Japanese state of the art 0-60 in 4.3 sec tombstone? This will also get you to heaven much quicker than wings. Just ask God!
I think those are the ugliest wheels I've ever seen on an NSX so far...Don't care much for car audio.
What if that guy picks up another wireless carrier? A new phone? What a waste.

Yeah I'm sorry, but I have never seen the NSX as a show piece. It's a driver's car...but hey, to each his own.

Oh and that taillight treatment...well that's bad.

Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?


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Some interesting ideas, but several things I personally would not like done to my car. The subwoofer in the front compartment seems like it's just asking for problems.

Re: the phone - that is one of those things I would not like in my car. However, it is not terribly expensive to just replace that cover if he wants to change phones or go back to stock...
Thank you all for the feedback.

As mentioned before, I would not have went as far into modifying the car for stereo fittment as this owner, but his taste is a lot different than mine.

The owner is a complete audiophile! All of his cars have HUGE stereo systems. His home is unbelievable as well. He also loves cars, and owns many... Jag XK8 (The Blue one on the site), Jag XK8-R (W/ SC), Lambo 25th anv., a few late model Cadillacs for the wife, etc.

The phone install was in another one of his NSXs. (Note the black interior.) It was done when that phone was brand new, and I believe I remember him saying he never lost another phone after the install. The panel was replaced when the car was sold.

The taillights / wheels are not what I would have chosen, but this type of modification is what makes our cars even more unique.

The only thing I can't present on the site is the way this system sounds. It is amazing. Mid-engine cars are tough to build large systems in, and I believe Jake did an excellent job creating the system.

In closing, I posted this install just for fun and information. Much like a aftermarket Targa or Convert, I would never recommend chopping up an exotic for this kind of mod. Do it in a VW Rabbit.

By the way, there are two people VERY interested in buying this car. Both saw it a an audio show in Seattle, and both made solid offers on the car at 40k plus. The owner did not want to sell it. The point here... For 90% of the people out there this type of thing KILLS the value of the car, but for the other guys with the same taste as the owner, te car becomes more valuable.