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Agressive time attacks on stock body....

27 March 2007
Houston, Tx
It bothers me when I see fenders that need to be filled out. The rear wheels are perfectly flush with the body. The fronts can come out some so I ordered some 15mm h/r spacers.

Rear 19x10.5 35offset 275/30/19
Front 18x7.5 40offset 215/35/18

<img src="http://www.nsxprime.com/photopost/data/500/medium/HPIM0300.jpg" />
<img src="http://www.nsxprime.com/photopost/data/500/medium/HPIM0301.jpg" />
very nice! love the concave rear!
They offsets look too aggressive for the car
Looks great!! I definitely agree about the flushness... thats what makes those wheels work so well as well as the fact that they're concave.

I do think a spacer up front will work/look better... but if it were mine id go atleast an inch lower front and rear :biggrin:
I tend to go to the extreme side of things though :cool:
best fitting and looking TE37's i've seen on this forum on the stock body. Glad someone wants to think outside the box a little bit and decided to go bold with excellent results.
Be thankful you are on the smooth roads of Tx a setup like that in the NE would result in a hella rub on every dip-pothole-crack.
Looks badass, but not low low low low(like the song) enough.:biggrin:
more pictures please. yes only if the front was a tad lower.. it would be perfection
The wheel color ties nicely to your red bodied NSX but...........

I think you're going to find that with those aggressive offsets, while it may look pretty cool right now with the raised stance, once you drop it you will have problems going too low without destroying the fenders.

An NSX HAS TO BE LOWERED ALOT to give it the right stance and as you said the springs just don't cut it. The bigger the rims, the lower it has to go.

I had OEM 17's on my NA2 and the Tien coilover settings looked pretty nice on the car but once I put 19/18" rims we had to go another 6 turns up front and about a 20mm perch adjustment in the rear to get it to sit correctly.

Looks nice, it's good to see another aggressive offset on the rear. I'm running mine for more than a year now.

Front: 18x7.5 (+40), sometimes w/ 15mm spacer.
Rear: 18x9.5 (+20)

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Love that look and color combination. I've been thinking about going w/ something similar but then, I guess, we'd be almost exactly the same. And I wouldn't do that to a brother. :wink:

Here's mine in the 17/18 combo for comparison sake: