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Alignment advice front

15 May 2004
I'll let my car aligned next friday and need some advice. In the front I first had:

30' camber per side
+ (!) 0.05' toe per side

which had slow steering response but was very stable and neutral in corners. I still had the long gears.

After short gears the alignment was redone to about

0' camber per side
- 0.5 mm toe per side

with quite good turn-in but very unstable cornering and strait driving behaviour. My mechanic argued that tire wear now is optimal. But I'm not happy. I don't like the understeering at all.

I suggest going to

0.5' camber per side
-1.25 mm toe per side

What will be better to stabilise the front to get it more neutral, adding more toe or camber? If the front tires last about 15' - 20'000 miles the setting is ok for me.

What do you think?