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all brake dash codes - first issue... hmmm

13 October 2002
So car was flawless until this morning when I left the house in Quite mode. 7 mins in, dash cycles through all 4 brake warnings.. I did shut it down hoping for a reset but no luck - it changed the shift points to around 2 K and no pulling or other dynamic issues so that is good = read that this type of thing can be a voltage issue and I did leave the fob in last night so not sure if that is a coincidence.

Talked to Camco and got an appt right away Monday and showed the master NSX Tech the codes that we took photos and a video of - hopefully they can read them easily enough. got an MDX loaner no problem either so I'll give them an "A" on initial customer interaction.

if it's just the key not letting it go into sleep mode then bad on me and I guess we'll find out.. fingers crossed.

Stay Tuned

KK34 aka Lucky
There probably won’t be any codes stored. The bad signal travels through the CANBUS system and doesn’t necessarily differentiate where the fault started.

Good luck.
so new update and it's OK, :)
Seems leaving the fob in the car is a big no-no - as some have eluded to - the car won't sleep and it beats up on the battery, the lower voltage then causes this sort of display issue when there are no faults. For a first Warrantee experience, Camco here in Ottawa was pretty positive. got the car in on the next business day, got the TLX loaner no hassle, they replaced the battery in both the car and the Fob and also worked both days with the team of specialists documenting the entire process. was kept in the loop throughout. Was very glad to get it back - glad they did not wash it as its a hand wash only and the respected that. so back to daily driving :) KK34
Glad it worked out and was an easy fix. I didn't know about leaving the fob in the car issue.
Over the summer I got a pop up message that my fob battery was low. Easy to replace the fob battery, did both in a few minutes.