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Alright its time to get rid of my POS c5 vette ?

5 May 2000
All the rattles and squeaks and trips to various chevy dealers has really gotten to me i have decided its NSX time. Basically my budget is around 38-42k , realistically do you think i can find a low milesge 93-94 5 speed for this price?
I think you're a bit off.... A CLEAN 94 with low miles <25k.... will sell for 44-49k. You should be able to get a 93 with average mileage.. 38-50k miles around $39k.

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Dear Phast Life,

This is like history repeating itself! Last March I sold my 2000 Millenium Yellow Corvette for a 94 red/Tan NSX. Many guys thought I was crazy to trade a brand new car in for a six year old one, but I've never looked back. The C5 is a great car for a Corvette. Chevy should be commended. But my brand new C5 still had oil leaks and other failures and spent much time at the dealership. It was also very oaf-ish around corners. It's just too large. Corvette will always place a higher priority on torque rather than handling.

I too had $40K to play with. I got my 94 NSX for $39K (she had $63K miles on her.) Otherwise she was in PRISTINE condition. I looked at Goldfarb's green 94 but he wanted $42, which is fair I think.

All this to say that you are making the right choice and have the right amount of money.


PS what year was your C5? Did you cinsuder the Z06?

94 Red & Tan NSX 5spd
1999 Cosmos BMW M Coupe 5spd
My C5 is a 95 removeable roof. Basically im fed up with the car. Since january i have been to the deal about 8 times. The car runs like a bat out of hell but it rattles like a 1972 dodge dart. The dealer has fixed the door panels 4 times and the rear hatch 3 times not to mention my bad fuel pump and shot power steering pump. Prior to my C5 i had a 95 M3 which was great but also had a few bugs. And prior to the M3 i had 2 legends and the only time i ever went to the dealer was to change the timing belt. (both cars are still runing and have over 200k each) Basically supercar status + honda/acura reliability is perfect for me.
I guess I am not alone in trading a C5 for an NSX. My wife thought I was crazy, but she likes the NSX better too. I had a BMW 850, which for want of more sporting performance I traded for a new 2000 C5, which I dorve off the showroom floor. It was loaded. I have had 7 other Vettes so I thought I knew what I was getting. But after driving the BMW and getting used to quality in lots of ways, I did not like the C5. So I traded even for a 91 NSX with 25,000 miles. I have compliments from everyone who sees it that it looks brand new, even underneath, under the hood, engine compartment, etc. I am very happy with the car although I regret the lost money. I don't know how I could have foreseen that I would dislike the C5 so much.

So, trade the car in. It won't be cheaper later so you might as well get what you enjoy. I looked at it like the mistake was made, but I don't have to live with it.


I lost money on trading in the 2000 C5 aswell. But the C5 was a mistake. You live and learn.

The other funny coincidence is that I came very close to buying a Silver BMW 850 six-speed last year! We must have the same taste. 3 out of 3!

(I can't believe how many typos my last post had.)

94 Red & Tan NSX 5spd
1999 Cosmos BMW M Coupe 5spd

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"I traded for a new 2000 C5, which I dorve off the showroom floor... ...So I traded even for a 91 NSX with 25,000 miles."

What's amazing in this thread is that you are comparing a new 2000 model to a 9 year old (probably built 10 years ago!) used car! What does that say about how well the NSX was originally designed and constructed!
I am not really a Corvette fan but several years ago I was reading about the upcoming C5 and thought it sounded as though it was closer to something I would like than any previous Vette.

One day I stopped by the local dealer to look at one shortly after they came out. They were very arrogant: (laughing) "We don't need to give test drives on Corvettes; they sell themselves." They would not even open the door for me to look at it. That was the end of me even remotely considering a C5. A $45k Chevy is no reason to be arrogant to a potential customer.

I later drove one a friend of mine bought. It seems like good performance for the money but I don't think I would have been happy with one.
I thought the C5 is the "best Vet yet," at least what I've been reading in the auto magazines. What sort of problems or dislikes did all you previous owners of C5s have?
First of all the rattles are terribe, so far the doors, hatch, roof ans most of the cheap plastic panels rattle. Second i have been to the dealer for all sorst of stuff , in fact i have had this car for about 8 months and have been the dealer for this car more then i have had to go for the past 4 cars i have owned combined! Basically its fast as hell and handles well (feels bigger then it really is) but reliability and overall quality are crappy. Basically if my insurance company doesnt rape me for an NSX i will have one for my 23rd birthday.