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Alternate source for Speedbleeders?

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
I have not been successful reaching Speedbleeder for the past few days. I know they were extending their products to the retail sector. Does anyone know of an alternate source to purchase these?

-- Chris


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If you're referring to Russell speedbleeders, then I bought a set for my 300ZX from Summit Racing.


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Any updates if there are other vendors retailing SpeedBleeder? Don't know how long they will be closed during the Holidays.

Am I correct that they come in two length options?

I need a new set of four SB10125.

How good are the ones made by Russell? I believe Summit Racing has a distribution center in Nevada.
The Speed Bleeder website says that the name Speed Bleeder is trademarked/copyrighted, so presumably there is only one company making them. Although I suppose it's also possible that Russell is using the name without permission...? :confused:
I recall reading about another type of speed bleeder, although not using that name. I'm out of town - not on my computer, so I will check when i get back and let you know.
NAPA Auto parts stores sell a similar gadget, but I do not remember the name they sold it under. Comes in different thread pitches and diameters, just like the real thing.
I just received a new Summit catalog, and they have Russell Speed Bleeders (maybe Russell bought the rights) starting at about $10 a kit (I believe they come in pairs, but it's been a while since I bought and installed mine).
Thanks for the leads. The thread lengths seem to be slightly different between SpeedBleeder and Earl's; I am assuming that is a rounding issue by Earl?

SpeedBleeder 32.44 mm
Earl's 33 mm

They are both almost the same price, $10.

Edit: Just called SpeedBleeder. This is the deal. Russell is a retailer of SpeedBleeder. There is an ongoing dispute between the two as Russell is supposed to note that SpeedBleeder is a trademark, etc ...... if this is not resolved, SpeedBleeder will discontinue retailing its products through Russell. SpeedBleeder's product is different from Earl's in design - the latter is a two piece.

The SpeedBleeder SB 10125 comes in one length (no L version) and is $7.00 if you get them direct. They also sell the reusable catch bag and hose. I just placed my order ;)
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I called them 2 weeks ago, ordered and received mine 1 week later. No problem getting in contact if you call them early in the day. Excellent customer service and those things worked exactly as intended. :D