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Amazed at my new KW's dampers

8 March 2006
So finally tonight the weather was nice and I took the car out for a long drive both city and highway, and I took the top off for most of it.

As you guys know I finally installed my KW competitions, along with new swift springs at 1000# (18KG) front and 600# rear (11KG). We are talking some STIFF springs. My rebound and both slow and fast compression settngs are about in the middle, I can definitely go a lot more stiff and also more soft, but I took billy Johnson's recommendations and put these in.

I was expecting a very harsh ride. Basically out of the alignment shop I got on the highway, and noticed bizzarely, the car not only felt extremely planted, but the ride over highway dips and bumps was..... BETTER THAN STOCK. :confused:

Now I have been riding around town a lot, and at these settings, the ride at slow speeds over small bumps, potholes, etc., is only mildly worse than stock. It's COMPLETELY within the realm of acceptable, I would even call it comfortable.

But nevermnd that, the car's handling... I just can't believe it. I have yet to go to the track but the responsiveness, the lack of body roll... The limits seem so high now I have just not been able to get remotely close to them on the street. The car just turns. Used to be a bit of an affair but now it just turns as if it is going straight.

I just can't figure out how there can be THIS MUCH improvement in the car. I can't figure out how 18KG springs can be supple. How this car isn't bouncing up and down like a kart. There is obviously something really good in the NSX's original design to be able to take advantage of this, but now I can see why these dampers are $10,000. They have magic clouds inside. :biggrin:

My only annoyance is that there is a litte squeak when I go over certain bumps. At first I thought it was the sway bar bushings, but on a really big bump I get them in the rear too. They do seem to be getting less frequent as I drive the car, but it is a little annoying. I am wondering if they are from the dampers having sat for over 1.5 years on the shelf. Hopefully it will go away.

I can't wait to get to the track.
is this setup with the vrh also hooked up?
Glad u like them.

Billy the ride is so good I am afraid to ruin it with sway bars. LOL.... You haven't steered me wrong yet though... it looks like Dali doesn't even have the trophies. What do you think of the Comptech sway bar? They are 300% stiffer in the middle setting, I'm not sure what the inner setting would yield. They are in stock. I can also just wait for the trophies.
is this setup with the vrh also hooked up?

Canisters are in, but I am working on the lines and wiring now. I've managed to find a way to get it Instalked in the trunk so that my targa also fits. I removed my power antenna and my child-in-the-trunk safety latch. I don't care about either, so no big loss for me. Saved me weight too.

By the way in case anyone is curious. My KW's with the remote reservoirs AND the VRH cannisters were almost the same weight as my stock cheese shocks. Within a pound.