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Amazing to be back..

28 December 2001
Orinda, CA

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

I originally joined this amazing community back in 2001. Over the years, I got to know so many passionate and kind people from NSXPRIME as well as various NSX events including Kids Day and NSXPO. I still vividly remember Bob, Roger, Peter, Alan, Gene, Bailey, Larry, Don, Joe, Dr. John, John C, John D, Tony, Rich, Mitch, Jesse, Brian Rae, Clem, Dennis, David Moore, Nev, Otto, Russ, Jesse, Paul, Frank (RIP), Ken Sax (heard that he sold his NSX, wow)...

In 2012, I found myself juggling between 3 young daughters and career, and barely having any time to enjoy my NSX. So, I reluctantly sold my NSX (way too cheaply compared to today's price). Since then, all these wonderful memories related to my NSX ownership faded away as life just got busier and busier.

Then, three months ago, while I was cleaning up my garage during shelter-in-place, I found a box of NSX memorabilia I had completely forgotten about. It had all the NSX magazines, books, pictures, spare parts. I used to write for The NSX Club of America, and saw all the articles I wrote for NSXCA. Opening that box and going through NSX items took me right back to my NSX ownership during 2001-2012. And I had this incredible desire & urge to get back to the NSX experience badly! Perhaps, it was always there deep inside.

So, I started looking for my 4th NSX. Boy, did the prices go up so much! I initially looked for a black/tan NA2 just like the one I had last, but I told myself to try something different. I also told myself that I didn't want this NSX to be a garage queen like the last one. I would really drive it not worrying about dings/dents/scratches/rain. Just enjoy driving it everywhere. After searching for a few months and losing out on some bidding wars, I came across an earlier model red/ivory. Red has never been my thing, but my wife and daughters encouraged me to expand my comfort zone. So, I jumped on it.

Yesterday, when I hopped back in the driver seat for the first time in 8 years, I realized just how much I missed it - the sound, the smell, the panoramic view. I felt very much in tune. Simply wow even after all these years...

The NSX is the best car in the world to me personally, and I am so grateful to be back. It's really special.

Will post pictures soon.
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A testament to the powers of NSX-ville, and the friends made herein. :smile:

"just how much I missed it - the sound, the smell, the panoramic view"

Yea, exactly.

Don't be a stranger.
The Tiger is back!
Wow! Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you at one of the local meets once SIP is lifted!
Thank you, all, for welcoming me back. Looking forward to meeting and seeing you at local events as well as next year's NSXPO in OR.