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Another A/C issue...

22 March 2000
Planet Earth
The last time I went for a drive with my car when I turned on the A/C condensation/fog started to come out of the center vents. Afterwards the A/C would only get really cold only if the car was moving and it was set to 60deg. In the past the A/C was freezing cold at 74deg movin gor not. The fuses are all okay. My car is a 94 and the A/C has never been re-charged or had any issues besides the CCU which BrianK has repaired.

Thanks for any advice.
Interesting. My guess is either low freon or your compressor is finally going bad.
Thanks for the advice guys. I'll get the car out of storage this week and take a look at it.

Are the fans supposed to run all the time?

Thanks again.
Sounds like the compressor is shutting down due to high pressure. Clean your condenser and check to see if your fans are ok.