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Another cup holder mod

26 August 2021
Portland Oregon
I know there's few cup holder mods out there but I thought I share what I did with mine. I ordered something from Amazon that I thought will fit and got lucky. Basically cut away everything but the holders. I used a circular saw to cut the sides of the holder almost to the edge of the holder.The holder is slightly slanted originally and makes it fit the arm rest hindge side better. This holder is from a Chevy Sliverado so it can hold large cups also.


Looks good...very clean. I like how the top is flush with the compartment.
Thanks for sharing.
Very nice!

I've used that great GM part for other cars (Honda Element for one), but hadn't thought to use it in this car.

I think I'm going to follow your lead- but might also try to change the console lid from side-hinged to rear-hinged so it would be out of the way.