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Antilock and TCS Lights on and system disabled...

25 September 2002
Keller, TX
Hello all, I read up on the TCS issues etc. I have had the same aftermarket size tires on for about a year and have had intermittent TCS engaging due to the non stock size. However, the other day I started it up and after a minute or so when I get moving the antilock light comes on, if I accelerate or let off the throttle the TCS starts working for a few seconds, then the TCS light next to the Antilock comes on too. The system basically disengages and then it drives fine like the TCS is turned off. I had it in for an oil change at the dealer and they looked at it. They said that is appears that the wheel sensors seem to be in good order though. Basically said that once I get the tires sizes exact that should do the trick. But why would it do that now after I have had the same tires on for almost a year? Is treadwear enough now to make the system disengage completely on startup, maybe? or anyone else with the same problem with some input. Mine is a 92' with Nitto 255/40 17 on back and 225/40 17 on front. I haven't liked these tires and won't put them on again, I plan to use the same tires that they use on the new X's since I have the 17/17 setup now anyways. Thanks in advance for advice on this.
The wear in tread will throw things out of whack with the TCS, this is quite likely what you are experiencing.

I suspect with the 17/17 set up, you will have to either get that TCS computer or reprogram the one you have.

My TCS is driving me nuts too (almost, but not quite same size as stock), does anybody know of any aftermarket chips that allow you program a more aggressive setting? Damn thing lurches me to a stop on my winding mountain roads

I'm going through the exact same thing with my '92 right now, but I have stock wheels/tires on the car. A respected Prime mechanic/ contributer did a check and it coded for a wheel sensor. With me, it happened immediately after I had the car flatbedded to the mechanic.

If the lights are coming on they leave a code. Do a code check and you may get the answer. Do the ABS/TCS ligts come on even if you shut off the TCS? In my case, the problem over-rides the manual TCS shut-off switch.
Can you not over inflate the rear and underinflate the front and see if that helps for a minute. Then for sure the tire size is the problem.
Yes, the problem overrides the TCS off switch soon after startup. Do you think if I replace them with the exact same stock Bridgestones that they put on the new ones it would be fine? or is the computer setup different enough for the changes they made?
I'm curious, until we get this problem resolved, is there a way of disabling the traction control system? I just had an experience--as I was pulling into heavy traffic , the damn tcs inappropriately kicked on and almost got my rearended. Until this problem gets squared away, I'd just assume diasable the system.
The time when the abs and tcs light came on was when I had the grounding problem before. What happened was after the car started the handbrake light didn't go off after I release the hand brake. While the car is running the tcs light switched on and soon after that the abs. After a few days of running the car, the lights never light up again.
In order to disable the TCS, does one need to disconnect the control box located behind rear cockpit panel? Would just pulling the TCS fuse from the engine bay fuse box accomplish the same result?
I would shunt the service connector and see what codes both systems have. Only certain sensors will code both systems, and the tire situation seems suspect because, like you said, they've been there for a year.

If your dealer did not charge you to test the wheel sensors, I would suspect you were blown off. They always 'look okay' unless impacted (in which case they would code 3 seconds after start-up) or have debris in the air gap.

The number of flashes for each mil (tcs and alb) are differant for each component, so will have to look them up to interperet. If you don't have a service manual, Prime does. You can PM for help if needed.