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Any Brake pad suggestions?

RM Racing. They're great for the street, with a nice initial bite, slightly grabbier than the OEM pads or the Porterfield R4S. And they're great for the track, with more resistance to heat than either of those.
I just bought the slotted rotors from comptech and the metal masters pads... from what i understand the metal masters from CT are the same as the porterfields....

I'll let everyone know how well they perform! I only drive on the street but very often make hard stops......so i guess they'll get plenty of use!

Carbotech Panthers. Simply the best dual purpose pads available.

Carbotech makes several types of pads. The Carbotech Panthers, while offering decent braking performance, are well-known for creating horrific amounts of brake dust and turning wheels black. You have to be sure to keep washing the dust off immediately.

However, they now have a new compound, called the Carbotech Panther Plus, that is supposed to be superior to the original Panther in this regard. I haven't tried them yet. Are these the ones you're using, Andrie, or the original Panthers?

The metal master pads CT sells is simply reboxed of Axxis metal master, not Porterfield.

Correct. And the metal masters are far inferior (in terms of bite as well as heat management) to the Porterfield R4S or the RM Racing pads.

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I need new pads too, where can I get these carbotech's?

Contact Andie Lin of Carbotech at [email protected] or 877-899-5024. NSX Club of America members receive a 10 percent discount on purchases.

BTW, I tend to ignore my brake dust problem... will it become unremovable if I leave it on my rim too long?

It can, yes.

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