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Any experience with Frank B Flores, Flores Spares Outlet?

2 January 2012
Sacramento, CA
Wondering if anyone heard of or has done business with Flores Spares Outlet? I put two WTB postings up and got two separate email replies from this vendor saying the exact same thing. One of the items I'm looking for is super rare, Just seemed odd to me. Hello Buddy,

I am emailing with respect to your advert. Please let me know if you are still in need of the above and I'll get back to you. What's your phone # ?

Kind regards,
Frank B Flores
Flores Spares Outlet
Chino, CA

- - - Updated - - -

Update: Received another message today, he's properly legit, just think it's weird that he bundled the price for the two items and payment preference is Western union or Money gram. Not PayPal which protects both parties, In my first email I asked for pictures and asked about PayPal. Both requests were unanswered. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. If someone out there can vouch be greatly appreciated! I've been looking for a Marga Hill lens for a year with negative results, so I'm excited to move forward. Can someone chime in? Hello James,

Thanks for writing, I have a chrome oil cap and Marga hills
lens/cover for sale in excellent condition and shape. I have already
made shipping inquires and will take a $310 shipped. Asking price
includes shipping via UPS or FedEx which ever you prefer, and l'll
accept payment via Western union or Moneygram. What's your complete
shipping address ?

Many thanks,

Frank Flores