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Any LBBP For Sale out there?

30 July 2005
Hey guys, I may be coming back with another NSX. Had to sell my 05 because the loan on it was holding me back from refinancing my house. Now, I'm good for another 2 years, and the Viper is paid off :D. I saw the 05 up in Oregon, any others I may have missed? Looking forward to being back in an NSX:)!

There's a 2005 Blue/Black with 3000 miles on Autotrader now. It's in Ohio just shy of $70K.
There's a 2005 Blue/Black with 3000 miles on Autotrader now. It's in Ohio just shy of $70K.

The one in Oregon belongs to the GM at a Nissan dealership and he does not seem to be serious about selling it. The one in Ohio is fishy; After starting too arrange for a PPI , the guy said it was now in Maine and wants a $ transaction before the inspection. Something is not right.

Vytas, are you no longer in PB ?
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I'm excited you're getting back in a NSX bat and very excited to see this one!! :wink:
Gonna sell the Viper Bat? Good luck with the search.

The Bat is back! Cool...always loved your ex!

There is a really rare and nice 05 Imola Orange Pearl/Onyx NSX for sale at present...1 of 8 ever made in this combination.:wink:

I believe you are looking to purchase at a great time...
There's a 2005 Blue/Black with 3000 miles on Autotrader now. It's in Ohio just shy of $70K.

that one is a scam. i'm surprised it's still on autotrader. the seller will require you to go through ebay escrow service :rolleyes:

On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 1:13 PM, Robert Weinland <[email protected]> wrote:


The car is in great condition and runs great. The car is still available for sale if interested, price as stated in the ad US $69,900 with the shipping included to your location. The car is in Augusta, Maine with me because I am involved in a real estate project here. For this transaction I would like use eBay escrow service and using this service you will get a 10 days testing period after delivery during witch you can decide if you want to buy the car or not. I need to know if I can ask eBay to send you the details on this deal.Please reply with your full name and address.

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Gonna sell the Viper Bat? Good luck with the search.


Its gonna really be tough giving up this puppy...




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Both cars garner attention, although I have to say the Viper gets more thumbs up and dropped mouths when I'm driving down the road. Also remember, the Viper is much louder because of its massive v10 sitting underneath the hood. Although, I have to say my old NSX got alot of admirers, esp at the gas station :).

Welcome back Bat...I hope you find one. Hopefully I'll get time to go to Carlsbad soon for the Cars and Coffee deal.
Im always surprise by guys that sell a Viper and get an NSX, or vice versa. Maybe because they are such different cars.

Maybe that is the point. :biggrin:
You know Bat I think you should try and swing both. Reason I say this is because I recently upgraded to a 2002 Imola NSX and also bought myself the Jeep SRT8.

I'm absolutely addicted to the V8 power and sound of the rumbling SRT8. Its grunty, loud, obnoxious, and I kinda like it like that. The NSX is a purist's car and I very much love my NSX and what its styling and substance is all about.

I'll definately keep both in my garage so that I've got the two opposing flavours. Kind of like black and white...

There is a guy here in Dubai who's bringing in the Viper ACR pictured here and I can't wait to see and possibly go for a ride in it...