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Just bought my dream NSX finally…

Just wired the money on this formula red NSX down at a Mercedes Benz dealer in Knoxville TN. VIN JH4NA1185ST000105 I watched the BAT auction on this when it sold for $97k. Thought about bidding then but had other cars to clear out before doing that. Now that I sold off couple of my cars, I ended up buying this one. It’s changed hands too many times in the last 3 years. I have no idea why. I’m buying the car to drive it. It won’t be a daily but I plan to drive it every weekend, weather permitting.

I could’ve bought one with higher miles and saved some money. But i wanted one that got me closer to the showroom feel when it was new. I cancelled my allocation for 911 carrera S for this car. I’ve had some fast cars with dual clutch or ZF auto recently…just kept looking back to the NSX being that gen x guy who listed after these cars but couldn’t quite afford it then. Now that I could, I finally pulled the trigger. I am paying a premium for it but I don’t see these cars depreciating since I started shopping for one. And this car I believe was represented by the Dude on this forum and is in fantastic condition.

I’m picking her up this weekend and will drive it up with my son. About 500 miles which is way more than last two owners drove. On one hand I feel like mileage will make the car depreciate a bit perhaps, but I honestly bought it to drive it and enjoy it. And if I piss away some money in the process, luckily I’m in good position to do so. I bought some temporary paint protection film for the ride and get it ppf’d and ceramic coated once she gets home.

If any previous owners or the dude wants to chime in about this car, please let me know! Happy to join the forum.

Sorry for the double post by the way. I wasn’t sure first post had gone through and reposted this one.

Congrats! NFR would be my 2nd choice.
Congrats! NFR would be my 2nd choice.

Thanks! I’m just a sucker for red cars. Can’t help it. Haha.

I do need to lower my car ASAP. But the damn parts all seem backordered. My car looks like an SUV for now. White regas are so sexy. I now own 8 regamaster wheels. Thanks to a repaired wheel and hunt for backups. I’m crazy.

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