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Any recommendations on replacement Brake Pads (Iron Rotors)


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22 November 2019
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Looking to get some replacement brake pads that work well with the NSX, mostly daily driving and the occasional track day, and don't seize up due to rain. I live in Vancouver, Canada so we get a lot of rain, and it's not really an option to dry my brakes when it's raining and I have to park outside sometimes for work.

After some research I'm debating between Hawk HPS 5.0, HP+, or Carbotech XP8. I want to stay away from the OEM pads as they have a known issue for seizing on the rotor if they are parked wet. And realistically, I daily drive this in so I can't really avoid the rain. I know the XP8 are supposed to be noisy, but I'd trade that for not seizing, any day. Anyone try anything else, or have recent experiences with these? I've used the original HPS for my RX-8 way back when for mostly street/occasional track day and they were great, but obviously, the NSX is a much higher performance vehicle.
I wonder if Brembo has a pad that fits the NSX caliper. I had Brembo BBK on my 1st gen NSX, and whatever their standard compound was, worked well enough for street use.