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Anyone going to Cars n Coffee Irvine this Saturday April 7th?

I'll probably go but I don't get there until around 8AM even though it's about 11 miles away. :redface: There are a handful of regulars that are normally there.
I have not been to one for a while. I might head out there this weekend. Most people get there by 6am. My head hurts just thinking about it.
See you all there bright and early tomorrow morning :)
See you all there bright and early tomorrow morning :)

You won't see me bright and early, but you'll see me bright and late. :smile:

Hey, if you guys are interested, what a group of us locals normally do is head over to Pacific Whey, in Newport Beach at around 9AM, for breakfast. Head over there too, if you want a nice drive and good breakfast. It's in the shopping center across the street from Crystal Cove State Park (Beach) where Cars and Coffee used to be held, until the last one in October 2006. We choose a table outside after ordering our breakfast at the counter. It's a fun place to go and hang out, has very good food and is right across PCH from a gorgeous stretch of beach.

Pacific Whey at Crystal Cove Promenade
7962 East Coast Highway, Newport Coast, CA 92657 || Sun-Sat 7am - 8pm

^Link to Pacific Whey