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Anyone have 5Zigen GN+ front wheels in 17x8.5?

8 September 2000
SF Bay Area
I want to check and see if a set of Stoptech front calipers will clear them before I order both. If you have that model/size front wheel on your car now (or sitting in your garage), I'll do all the work if you just stop by my shop in Milpitas so I can pull a wheel off and put the template up against it. Or, if you're not near Milpitas often, I can come to you.. Thanks! :)

ps: please only respond if you're sure they are GN+ in 17x8.5.

I'll buy you lunch at In&Out for your trouble too! Wuwu!

It might depend on your offset as well. 48 or 42.
You might want to talk to Richard Cove about these wheels. He did extensive research on them before buying and also developed his own big brake kit.
He is out of the country til May 29.