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Anyone have contact info for ERZCars? (or a silver door mirror)?

10 April 2001
Austin, TX
Well, it happened.

I deceide the take the NSX out for a quick drive around town when no one else was around (heh!), and go grab a bit to eat around campus (24 hour joints).

Driving down the highway, keeping it right at the speed limit, and then ... slam! Big green GMC Tahoe into the passenger side of the car. I swerve as quick as I can, but way, way too late.

Luckily she caught it *almost* in time, and it only looks like she took out my passenger mirror (I can check it better tomorrow).

Anyway, I am now in the market for, preferably, an aged Sebring Silver mirror, and I thought I would give ERZ cars a try.

The old link on my bookmarks doesn't work, anyone have any ideas?

Also, if anyone has a passenger mirror "lying around" (upgraded to aftermarket, whatever), in Sebring silver or another color, *please* let me know ASAP.

And, if anyone knows anyone in the Central Texas (Austin?) area that can do good paintwork, I'd be interested in that too.

Thanks for your help!

-- Brian Bibeault
Doh! Belay that first query.

Found it off of Google (should have gone there first).

However, the second part remains - anyone have a used mirror lying around?
sorry about your look there joe at erz doesn't have a passanger side mirror he used it on the 2000 yellow nsx-t he fixed (the rollover one) i too need one and then i located a salvage yard in Oklahona that got me one (don't know what an nsx is doing over there lol) but for some reason the passanger side mirror is always the one that breaks and you may have to get one new ($700-) unless you put it under parts wanted add
Thanks for the info, much appreciated. I already posted on Science of Speed's site, I would have posted here, but since the classifieds were updated on the 5th, I figured it would be too long until it was posted. New from the dealer (and they said painted?!?), it's $512.67, not sure what labor runs me.

Thank God that it was only the mirror, and not the entire side of the car. Not bad for a sideswipe at 55/70 mph (she was speeding, too). =)