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Anyone know if the OEM 3.2L header/exhaust will fit the 3.0L?

17 December 2004
I've got a 1991 and really like the suttle sound of the stock exhaust and OEM build quality. So I was wondering if anyone knows if the 3.2L OEM exhaust and headers can be matted to the 3.0L with little or no modifications.

Also would there be any performance benefits? I'd imagine the piping should be slightly larger. I just figure I could pick up a used one pretty cheap. Thanks for any help!
Everything bolts right up. Its a very easy install. Just need the 3.2L exhaust manifold and gasket. You may also need to extend the O2 leads a bit (can't remember if we had to do this or not but its not that difficult if you do need to). The exhaust system will bolt up fine once the manifolds are in there.
Great, thanks for the quick reply, but do you think there will be any performance benefits?
If you are interested, I have the OEM headers and exhaust system that was removed from my new 05 NSX (this was done by the Acura dealer when I purchased the car to install the Comptech system). You should check with your resources to determine if the 05 system will go on your 97 NSX. Again, if interested, send me an email to [email protected].