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Anyone own this ROM exercise machine? Is it any good?

14 December 2003
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I saw an ad for this ROM machine, that claims a 4 minute exercise gives a complete cardio, resistance and flexibility workout. Any truth to this?

This machine will NEVER give you real results. I have been resistance training for 6 years (I was a personal trainer and fitness model in college :smile: ) and I can assure you that something like this is NO replacement for the gym. While you will certainly get some cardiovascular benefit from using it (5 days a week and for at least 45 minutes with high intensity), you won’t get anything out of 4 minute workouts. If you’re looking to loose weight, then this won’t even give you enough time to get into an aerobic state. If you’re looking to gain weight (i.e. muscle), then forget about this thing – there isn’t enough resistance for that. Basically there is just too much information for me to write down that explains how this won’t work...

If you’re interested in the home gym experience then you’ll want some type of cardio equipment (i.e. stair stepper or treadmill). And you’ll also need a resistance training set that allows for many different exercise types and angles (i.e. bowflex). Ideally you’d also want a large set of dumbbells, a barbell with removable plates, and an adjustable bench.

I have actually read about this particular machine in several trade magazines... the conclusion was basically that it does work to some extent, but it is only supplementary to the above mentioned equipment.

I hope this helps! :biggrin:
Pretty damn expensive too.