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Are there any naturally aspirated mods available for the NSX?


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23 April 2002
Other than the basic I/H/E (I'm unaware if there are even any aftermarket headers available) mods, are there any other aftermarket products available to free up some horsies in the nsx?

I believe there are members on this board with the JDM Type-S cams, but does anyone know if Jun, Toda, or Spoon make anything for this exotic? It seems like the majority of the performance guys are boosted here, and I'd really like to find out if there is a way to make 320+ hp (oh that magical 100 hp/liter number
) without any forms of boost.

You should check out Comptechs site as they have internal engine pieces, that when combined with I/H/E and some other goodies, should be able to get you within that HP range.

Have you checked into all the other NSX aftermarket sites as well? There are tons of N/A stuff out there.

There are a wide variety of headers and exhausts available, from CT to several Japanese vendors. Try www.scienceofspeed.com for a list. Also, CT sells cams. Or, you could have Crower custom grind yours. valves and springs are available from a variety of sources. You can have the head ported and polished.

If you want to spend a little extra $, you could get higher compression pistions or even bore the block out a bit (if you have a 3L). Also in the spendy category are individual the throttle body kit available from Japan. And, if you have a 3L, you can get the new AEM plug and play programmable engine management system. Should give you at least as much of an increase as any chip on a stock motor and will let you take full advantage of any mods you make.

Or, you could just hang a hair dryer on it and make a lot more hp. : )