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Arghh...my windshield was

22 March 2000
Planet Earth
shatterd tonight by an electric gate arm that fell off the hinge when I went under it. Has anyone had their windshield replaced before, and should I take it to Acura or a glass specialty shop myself?

Any suggestions are welcome, especially if someone in S. Florida has had theirs replaced before.

There was a thread on this a month or so back. It's worth a read. My one suggestion would be, regardless where you go, if what you want is the original Honda/Acura part make sure that's what you get. Glass shops will say "OEM", but that does NOT necessarily mean what it sounds like. Again, check out the recent thread, and work them for a discount.
Thanks, I'll go and do a search. The cost is not going to be a problem because the property managment already said that their insurance will cover the repair.

If anyone was ever wondering how much damage one of those would do if they fell on your car, I can e-mail you a picture. Furthermore, it scared the $hit out of my passenger and myself because we didn't see it fall.
I'd definitely get one from Acura, and have them do the repair(if they're reputable). You'll also want to replace the weatherstrip above the glass up near the roof. Don't go cheap on them and reuse old parts, make sure everything is NEW!

Like you said, at least it didn't hit the roof!

I had my windshield replaced. It was about a month after I got the car, and a crack magically appeared -- about 15" long. I took it back to the dealer<sup>1</sup>, and it was determined that nothing had hit my car, so it was a defect in the glass. They goodwill'd it, but otherwise it would have been about $800. They did a great job replacing it, and you'd never know it had been replaced.


<small><sup>1</sup>Acura of Los Gatos</small>

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Originally posted by Veleno:
I'd definitely get one from Acura, and have them do the repair(if they're reputable).

Many dealers don't do the work themselves. They supply the glass and contract with a glass place or independent to come in and do the work. I figure that's fine because it's done by a guy who specializes in glass and yet it's backed by the dealer. Everyone wins. (Now that's rare!) Just be sure that if you pay for a Honda part, you get one. When an insurance company "works with a dealer" it often means non-original parts. I can't state that about any Acura dealer, but I can state it as fact at many others. This is especially true of body panels, but at least there is no risk of that with an NSX.