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Aural Sensations

15 October 2002
Roslyn, NY, USA
I had a Spa Yellow '98 NSX for awhile and LOVED the (intake ?) sound directly behind my head when I accelerated. What a rush ! Hardly ever even heard the exhaust though.

I think, to some extent, manufacturer's don't pay enough attention to how a car sounds.

I have an '02 M3 for about 3 years now. Absolutely FABULOUS ride but the sound of it never really thrilled me.

I am now considering getting another NSX, '02 and up (I LOVE the exposed headlights), and preferably in Imola Orange.

But I might consider something else. Take this '99 NSX on eBay - http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=5337&item=4543727647&rd=1

Comptech supercharged. So let me ask you guys a few questions. I've had (and had now) a turbocharged car and I know how it reacts and sounds. OTOH, I've never driver a supercharged car. I understand the supercharger is "on" at all times and give "instant" response. I've also heard tell about a "whine" from the supercharger that is at least somewhat audible.

Anybody have experience with the Comptect supercharged NSX and is this "whine" present ? If so, does it take (much) away from that glorious sound right behind me ? And just how audible (especially to the driver) is an aftermarket NSX exhaust like the "Tubi". I don't like an especially loud exhaust waking up the neighborhood but I DO like to hear that "throaty" exhaust.

And is the supercharged NSX any more expensive to maintain than the normally aspireated car ?

Thoughts would be appreciated and especially about that eBay car.

Car on ebay has an RM/B&B exhaust, RM intake, CTSC, painted calipers and yellow seat belts. It looks stock other than that. I think I would 'unmod' a couple things, but it looks like a nice car from here.

Good luck getting the sound back - that is one of my favorite parts too. :biggrin:
Sorry that I can't answer your questions about the supercharger. I just wanted to comment about the yellow NSX on ebay.

They sure posted a lot of photos. The car looks good.

I've never seen the cigarette lighter inverted before. I wonder why it is sitting like that.

The yellow is a beautiful color.
I have a CTSC, Cantrell AIS, and TUBI exhaust.
Intake noise is noticable (I like it!), but not too loud.
Supercharger whine is barely audible.
TUBI is relatively quiet until higher RPM.
The combination of everything is quiet pleasing.
At VTEC it gets more noticeable.
It gets even better at WOT! :biggrin:
Cruzrmm said:
Intake noise is noticable (I like it!), but not too loud.<snip>

It gets even better at WOT! :biggrin:

Would that be "intake noise is MORE noticable" ??? :confused:

WOT ? :confused:

NSX-GUY said:
Would that be "intake noise is MORE noticable" ??? :confused:

WOT ? :confused:


My 02 had hardly any induction sound, certainly not something obviously noticeable. Adding a Cantrell intake made a huge difference, however. Crazy hiss even just blipping the throttle from idle.

WOT = Wide Open Throttle aka "floored", "pedal to the metal", etc.
Actually in original configuration I found the intake noise to be remarkably queit for a mid-engine. So yes, it is as you say "More noticeable" than hearing almost nothing. As I said, with the Cantrell AIS the intake noise is noticeable over and above the CTSC and TUBI. Even still, this intake tone is not too loud. The blower whine is much less noticeable than a blown small block Chevy with a 671 blower.

Of course VTEC is audible and is what you really hear; both stock and modified.

WOT = Wide Open Throttle!!! :cool: