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Austin Hill Country Drive - Saturday, Apr. 16, 2005

13 February 2000
Austin, Texas
<table><tr><td valign="top"><b>When:</b></td><td>Saturday, April 16, 2005<br />10:30 AM</td></tr><tr><td valign="top"><b>Where:</b></td><td>Austin, Texas to Hill Country<br />Meet at Great Hill Theater on Jollyville (map)</td></tr></table>
More info. is here, but use my map link above to get to the meeting point (it will get you less lost). See you there!

PS: I created this new thread so don’t try that “I would have gone, but I didn’t know about it” excuse...           Gil. :biggrin:


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Ill be there.
I hate the idea of being one of only two Nsx's though and multiple Elises . Heh. Im sure it will be cool though, Elises are neat cars and the drive will be nice.

See ya up there !

Ojas, please pm me your cell phone number so we can stay in touch.
Another one!

Cory - Awesome! I sent you PM with my number.

In case you need directions...
  • From 290 WEST, take 183 NORTH. (Or if you are coming from 71 WEST, take 183 NORTH past the Austin-Berstrom Airport)
  • On 183 NORTH. There will be a few stoplights - go thru them, 183 will become a highway and will go over IH-35. About 4 miles later, you’ll over MoPac expressway (aka Loop 1). After you go over MoPac/Loop 1, take the Braker Lane/Balcones Woods Drive exit. This will put you on the 183 access road.
  • As you approach the Braker Lane stoplight, get in the far left lane and take the U-turn so you’re heading on south on the 183 access road, now get in the right lane.
  • Before you get to the next stoplight, you will see a sign for movie theater and some fitness place on the right (The theater is pretty small and hidden behind another building, so you’ll have to look for the sign rather than the theater itself). Turn into the theater parking lot - that’s where we’ll be.
probably won't be able to go on the drive, but thinking of meeting you guys in the parking lot to see all the cars.
I'm not going to be able to go after all. I thought I would have recovered by now. I've had a viral infection hinder me all week to be stuck to either the couch or my bed. I feel a little better today, but I don't want to go blow all my recovery on 8 hours of spirited driving tomorrow. I don't think I'd be able to hang on that long. It's like trying to drive with the flu.

I'll definately be in on the next drive.

Although the pace on Willow City Loop almost put me to sleep, we made up for it (maybe more than made up for it) on the other roads. :D I have a few pictures (only of about a third of the cars):


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Pics of Cory

Cory, I’m glad you, your friend (sorry, I forgot his name), and your NSX-T joined us. You may have missed some fun backroads after lunch, but the good news is you also missed our encounter with a Game Warden from Texas Park & Wildlife. :redface:

Your NSX is looking good!


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I heard about the game warden bit. That's weak. I didn't know that game wardens could issue traffic citations (which I still doubt). Looks like I missed some fun though. Feeling a little better today thankfully.