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B-Line high flow cats

8 November 2001
After waiting for almost a year, Giancarlo finally made me a set. he also made a set of straight pipes. I will first install the high flow set and try to do a same day, same dyno before/after runs. Since he is a vendor here, I would hope he will chime in and annouce the product if he finally decides to do a production run.... I like his stuff!


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Thanks Tino!!
Hi guys,
We are set to go! As BBoxer has shown, B-Line now has NSX test-pipes and high flow cats!
The fixtures are completed with first and second articles test fitted. We’re going to be doing a production run of test-pipes and high flow cats, as well as resonated test-pipes within this week. I’ll be doing a full post in the vendors section with complete details and pictures, so keep an eye out for those!
Thanks again!
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