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Billet retainer for regulator fix

10 April 2012
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a pair of the billet retainers for the regulator fix. I have the Hugo pulley kit and want to fix my windows soon but was wondering if anyone has or knows someone that may have these local so I don't have to order from SOS or Dali
I suspect one person/company makes the window thingies for both Dali and SoS and for such a specialized part for such a small market I doubt anyone else on the globe would bother making the part.

Having installed the thingies and Hugo's kit, in my experience the cost of the parts is a very minor part of the job.

Removing the door handles, door panels, plastic sheet, regulators, cleaning, replacing the parts, lubing and reinstalling everything is not a small project
and even if the parts were free I'd imagine a dealer would charge $500-600 for the job.

Buy the thingies from Dali or S0S, they're a bargain at the price.